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When it comes to chocolate, it always turns out to be a personal matter. While one loves Kinder Bueno and the other’s favourite is Milky Way, then there is one cocoa treat that rules supreme, and then comes the ultimate humble KitKat.

The chocolate covered-wafer bar beat a quantity of worthy contenders to the top ranking in Ranker.com’s survey, with Twix and Snickers coming in the second and third position respectively.

Criteria for the list, which is regularly updated via an online voting system, states that the chocolates must be in bar form, banning “cups, eggs, bits, balls, pieces, or patties” from the final decision making.

More than 100,000 people voted for Nestle’s favourite snack staple as their favourite.

The number one spot might have something to do with its ubiquitous presence in corner shops around the world, given that KitKats are available to buy in more countries than most of its cocoa competitors.

Plus, it probably helps that when it comes to flavour variations, the KitKat aficionado is hardly short of options.

However, one always has different kinds of tastes, so depending on others choice may not be the best thing to prefer.

So, have a break, but not necessarily have KitKat for the sake of others choice.

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