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It's surprising how many colour schemes there are available when planning a Christmas party. Traditional red and gold is always a favourite, blue and white is also popular but if you want the perfect combination of elegance and drama, then you can't beat a white winter wonderland Christmas party style.

But if you're decorating ideas stop at the Christmas tree, you're in a little bit of trouble because there's a whole room still left to be styled. But don't worry, we believe in a "less-is-more" approach and with just a few of these ideas below, you'll be the toast of the town.

Bring The Snow Inside

OK, so the number one thing that needs to be abundantly clear with a Winter Wonderland theme is that there needs to be snow, and lots of it. Living in a southern hemisphere country can make this difficult in December when its 30 degrees outside, so you’ll have to go for the next best thing with a range of snowflake decorations.

Mix and match different size hanging snowflakes in a cluster in just a few key areas, rather than trying to spread them throughout the room. A flurry of snow flakes at the entrance, again at the drinks station and maybe by the DJ table or as a hanging decoration from the centre of the dance floor will give you what you need without spending a bomb.

Introduce food elements that are also snowflake based like snowflake shaped cookies, or snowflake Christmas chocolate designs that match your invitation or the room itself.

Add clear snowflake drink stirrers to each glass as your brilliant fine detail item – guests will love these as they literally look like they are made from ice.

Other Winter Decoration Ideas

A white and silver balloon garland at the entrance using a few clear balloons filled with silver confetti will also add a touch of excitement to the room.

If the Christmas party is a sit down affair, then centrepieces that are snow covered pine trees that are 3-4 feet tall are a great idea, but stark white trees with no foliage look even better.

As a backdrop, think about introducing a few sheer white curtains hung high from the ceiling and then use a dark light to give the room that glowing white look when the guests arrive.

Mix Your Textures

Just because the theme is Winter Wonderland doesn’t mean that everything has to be white, which can look a bit clinical if you’re not careful.

Mix your textures with your linen, glass, timber, ceramic and wool to create an Christmas party environment that feels like it just stepped out of a Dickens novel.

Drinks To Blow The Icicles Away

Nobody knows the ice and snow like the Russians, so why not serve an ice-filled vodka cocktail finished with the snowflake drink stirrers mentioned above. If you want to try something that has an incredible aroma and will instantly transport your guests to a wintery fjord in the North, introduce some delightful mulled wine.

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