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Personalised Giant Chocolate Freckles

Freckles Chocolate: Sweet Dreams are Made of These!

Who are we to disagree? Chocablock Chocolates’ giant chocolate freckles are certainly the stuff of dreams. From tropical hibiscus to pink marble, we have it all! Our freckles are made with the most luxurious Belgian chocolate, and we only use ingredients of the finest quality. The best part? You can customise your chocolate freckle to your heart’s content. Is a friend getting married soon? Is a loved one having a birthday party? Perhaps you just want to give yourself a sweet, personalised treat - who are we to judge! Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that Chocablock has you covered.

Each freckle has an individual page on this site, detailing the ingredients used and their dimensions. You can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you expect.

Chocablock provides a range of products including: lolly bags, party favours, chocolate gifts Sydney - Why don’t you check them out now!

Candy Crush! - Chocolate Freckles

Do you love dark chocolate? Alternatively, milk or white chocolate may appeal to you more. Our chocolate freckles come in all three forms, and a dazzling array of designs. After choosing your perfect freckle, add a message or photo to the packaging to personalise it! Have fun playing around with different designs and colours-sleek and sophisticated to silly and quirky. Holding an event? You can even personalise guest names on each freckle for an additional 50¢ each. Just send us your guest list after your order, and we’ll get on it!

Unleash your inner creative genius or have one of our designers come up with something for you. We’ll present our artwork within one business day, so you can let us know if you love it or want something different. Any further requests? Let us know in the order field! The best part is that personalisation comes at no extra cost - personalised candy sounds expensive, but you can get ours at only $2.95!

Chocolate Freckles: Sugar? Yes Please!

Our website offers a 100% secure payment system, so get booking now! We take orders of any number above 11. Once we receive your order, we work on it as soon as we can. We aim to process and dispatch your order in record time - the very next day. Concerned about timing? Don’t be! We don’t want delays any more than you do, so we normally ship within 5 business days. If you need your freckles sooner, simply select “RUSH” at checkout. If you’re concerned about shelf life, don’t worry-our freckles last up to 6 months from dispatch. To ensure your freckles last as long as possible, you could also select “DELAYED” if you need them to be shipped later. Our specialised delivery system ensures that your freckles won’t melt even on the most sweltering of summer days! If your order is imperfect on arrival, just let us know and we’ll quickly dispatch another one to replace it.

Not convinced? We’re tried and tested-check out our customer reviews on this page! You can also request a sample or contact us if you have any questions.

Life is sweeter with Chocablock. Come get a taste!

You might be looking for something a little quirky, a little fun, or you cold be a giant freckle freak! However you came to be here, you'll be glad to know that not only have you found the finest tasting giant chocolate freckles in the world, but you can personalise them too! Choose from our hundreds of designs which range across all special occasions, or have our designers create a design for you for free. All artwork is presented to you within one business day and it only takes a few days for your order to be ready for dispatch. So order your personalised giant chocolate freckles today!

Quality Freckles Chocolate for Any Occasion

We all know that chocolates and other sweet treats are ideal options when it comes to deciding on a birthday present or other gift for a family member or friend. After all, choosing a gift isn’t always easy, especially when the recipient already seems to have everything they could possibly want and isn’t forthcoming with providing ideas. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something extra to compliment your main gift for a close friend or relative or whether you require a small but heartfelt present to give to a colleague or neighbour, you can be sure that the freckles chocolate that you’ll find here at Chocablock is an excellent all-round choice.

As well as being beautiful and colourful gifts to receive, our freckles chocolates are also extremely delicious. Made according to time-honoured recipes using only the very best quality ingredients including luxurious Belgian chocolate, our freckles can always be relied upon to meet the same high standards our customers have come to expect of us. Coming in a wide variety of options, including dark, milk and white chocolate bases as well as a whole range of different packaging styles, you can be entirely confident that you’ll find a gift that suits every taste and every occasion.

Why Choose Chocablock for Buying Chocolate Online?

Here at Chocablock, we believe that the best gifts are those which feel truly personal, which is why our service enables customers to make various customisations to their chosen product. After choosing from our great range of freckles chocolate products, you can add your own message or photograph to the packet to ensure that the first thing your friend or family member sees upon opening their gift is a heartfelt design created just for them. Once you’ve finished personalising your order, you can place your request quickly and easily – and if you’ve previously imagined that top-quality, customisable confectionary gifts are likely to be expensive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordable prices.

Just enter your payment information and delivery address into our 100% secure payment system and our team will quickly get to work on your order. We aim to process and dispatch each order the very next day after receiving it, so you can be sure that your product will be on its way to you in no time at all. You don’t have to worry about the chocolate melting in the post, as we’ve developed a delivery system which enables our chocolates to endure even the hottest summer temperatures outside without melting – and if for whatever reason your item has arrived in anything other than top condition, we’ll waste no time in swiftly dispatching another one to replace it.

Order Your Chocolate Today or Get in Touch for More Information

Start browsing our online store if you’re ready to customise and order your own quality freckles chocolates today, or feel free to get in touch with a member of our team to find out more information about any of the products or services on offer.