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Terms & Conditions

Artwork & The Artwork Approval Process


All artwork created by us for your products remains the property of Chocablock Chocolates. We reserve the right to add your newly created design to our website to be offered to other customers. The obvious exception to this is if you or another designer have created the artwork for you, whereupon we will respect the copyright of that designer.

Please note that we do not supply high-resolution or layered versions of our artwork for you to then have designs reproduced with other suppliers. Nor do we supply fonts. If you need stickers or labels or wrappers produced, please ask and we will happily quote for the service.

Artwork Approval

While me make every effort to deliver an accurate artwork service, final approval of artwork is your responsibility. Although customers may have entered a name or date correctly when first submitting the order, which we have then presented incorrectly in a subsequent draft, you must ensure you check each and every draft for spelling and design errors.


While we will always strive to give you the artwork that you desire, we also need you to be decisive. For this reason, we allocate one hour of a designers time to your order, rather than a finite number of changes. Little things like text  changes may take 5 minutes, while entirely different designs may take 30 minutes or longer. Please be mindful of this when communicating with our designers.

We can not create variations of your idea across multiple designs just so you can see what it will look like. Please use our expansive template library to find an example of the sort of thing you are looking for, or by all means send us imagery of existing artwork, invitations and ideas you have seen.

Reprinting After You Have Submitted Final Approval

Once you have submitted your approval to our graphic designers, it is passed immediately to our printing department, In many cases, this can be merely a matter of minutes.  If you decide on changes to your design after you have submitted your approval, a reprinting fee will apply. If your order has already been printed and produced, then a reprinting and repackaging free will apply.

Submitting Guest Names

If you are submitting guest names for an order that you have delayed dispatch for until closer to your event, we will send you an email requesting those guest names two weeks out from your chosen dispatch date. We only accept guest names in soft copy i.e. typed up in Word, Excel or an email. Please do not submit images of guest lists, nor post guest lists to us.

Changes To Guest Lists

While we understand that guest lists do change, please do not send us individual adjustments for us to make to the guest list. We only accept the entire updated guest list that you provide so please make your adjustments on your list and then send it through again.

If your products have already gone to print and you wish to make changes or add extras, there will be an additional charge of 50¢ per guests.

Guest Name Errors

Please ensure you check all guest names prior to submitting them to us for printing. We do not check the names for spelling accuracy due to considerations such as nick names, names from other cultures, abbreviations, etc.

Other Spelling & Punctuation Errors

We will reproduce what you request to the letter so please ensure all punctuation and spelling is as you would like it to be. If you are not sure and you would like us to review what you have submitted, please ask when placing your order and we will be happy to help.

Reprinting After Receiving Final Approval

In many instances, when we receive your approval, we will immediately go to print i.e. within a matter of minutes. If you notice an error or wish to make an adjustment after you have given us your final approval, there will be a reprinting fee.

The formula for this reprinting fee varies depending on the product and materials used in creating that product and how far along the production process we are. We always do our best to keep these reprinting fees to a minimum to cover only material and labour costs.

Reproduction Of Jobs After They Have Been Received

If you received your order and there is an error on our part (outside of that outlined above) then we will immediately produce replacements and cover the shipping of these replacements to your shipping address plus the cost of freighting the original products back to our warehouse.

If the error is your own, we will happily reproduce the job ASAP to ensure you have your products for your event, although you will be responsible for the freight both ways of the new and the original products, plus the reprinting and production charge. If the products can not be re-used/rewrapped, you will need to pay for these too.

Marketing Services

Occasionally customers may mistake us for a marketing or branding agency, asking us to come up with concepts for how they can brand their company.

While we are a creative bunch, we do not have the resources to brain storm your brand, come up with creative copy and submit multiple ideas to you. Those ideas need to come from you and the professionals you trust your brand to.

If you submit logos, copy and a rough idea of what you want (e.g. examples from the web, or clear instructions like “We need a picture of a lion sleeping”) we can definitely work with that. But instructions like “We want you to come up with a design that makes us look like Sony” or “Have a play around with our logo and see what you come up with” are beyond our service offering. We hope you understand.

Our Branding

All products produced by Chocablock Chocolates have our website printed in small lettering on either the reverse side, or neighbouring border of the product. This branding will be removed only by request for corporate customers where their own branding needs could be confused with our labelling.

Ingredient, Nutrition & Allergen Information

Under Australian law, ingredients and allergen information only needs to be present if the goods supplied are intended to be for resale. For this reason, we do not include ingredient, nutrition and allergen information by default. However, you are welcome to request this to be added to the design at no extra cost (we have all the information already prepared for this possibility). Please note that some of our products are not available for resale.

Changes To Our Designs

As all designs are our original creations, we can change any element of them in any way you like. We can change colours, change orientation, change fonts, add photos and logos, you name it!

Website And Mock Up Images

All the images on our website are mocked up versions of our products. The base product is photographed, but the artwork is super imposed. We use these same images in our mock up process to give you an idea of how your products will look. If you wish to see exactly how the product will look, you have a few options. You can order an unbranded sample (details of which is on each product page) or you can order the minimum quantity of a product with your artwork so you can see it in the flesh - we have very low minimums on most products. By accepting artwork sent to you via our artwork process, you accept that this is a graphical representation of how your product will look, not an exact photograph. Refunds will not be permitted due to this factor.

Artwork Submission

We assume that whatever artwork, photos or logos you submit to us, you have the express permission of its author to use. We respect the copyright of other designs and brands and ask our customers to do the same.

Photo Submission

As a printing company, we always try to produce the highest resolution version of your artwork that is possible. Modern day phones do produce excellent images that are perfect for use on our wrappers, but occasionally older photos for wedding anniversaries or birthday images from decades ago may not be up to scratch. Please supply the highest resolution version of your photos that is possible.

Please do not crop the photo prior to submitting it to us. By sending us the original photo in its entirety, it gives our designers the image “real estate” to be able to weave their magic on your design.

Logo Submission

For the best results, please submit all logos in PDF or EPS format. If not available, then at least a high resolution JPG or PNG file should be sourced.

Submitting Files To Us

For all products that have the ability to add photos and logos, you can upload the image on that product page for our designers to use. If you don’t have the photo yet, you can opt to send it to us later at design@chocablock.com.au.

If one of our designs does not have a space for you to add an image, but you really would like us to create that for you, just make that request with your order and then email the photo separately to design@chocablock.com.au

Unresponsive Customers

All orders receive artwork that needs to be approved for your job to go ahead on time. Even if you have used our website's live previewing function, we still require your approval on a subsequent artwork draft. This will be sent via email. If you remain unresponsive for two days, we will call on the number you provided at time of ordering. If we still can not get a response, we reserve the right to send the goods with the exact text mentioned at time of order. Failure to respond may delay shipping of your order, so please be sure to check your emails and voicemails following your order.

Rush Charges

If you would like your order to be moved to the head of the queue, you may select this when choosing your shipping in the checkout. There is an additional charge for this service.

Printing Information

Our Printers vs Your Monitor/Screen

All products use a digital printing process that uses the CMYK colour gamut. Our printers are colour calibrated using industry standard equipment. When we send you a proof, please remember that your mobile phone, tablet or PC monitor will not be calibrated in the same way. Also, screens use a different colour model to represent colours and hence the printed product may vary from that which you have seen during the drafting process. We can offer a full process colour service upon request – additional charges apply.

Paper Stock We Use

We offer a number of finishes depending on the product ordered including high gloss, kraft, metallic shimmer and linen card. All designs should be presumed to be printed on white gloss paper or labels unless otherwise specified on a product by product basis e.g. kraft paper products are named as such in our website.

Colour Matching

If you are supplying artwork and you would to ensure an accurate colour reproduction, you must provide us with a CMYK colour that you have seen using the Pantone colour bridge. Please be aware that PMS colours are not able to be produced because we are using digital printing that uses the CMYK colour gamut only. For this reason, we recommend you obtain a Pantone colour bridge and familiarise yourself with the CMYK equivalent of your Pantone colours.

Printing On Products

Please note that we do not have the ability to print directly on any of our confectionery, including (but not limited to) lollipops, cookies, freckles, chocolate bars and more. We only print adhesive labels that are then stuck to the cellophane wrapper/packaging that surrounds the product.

Delivery & Courier Information

Shipping Delays

Please understand that while we always make good on our promise of when we will dispatch, we can not control our courier companies, and while express shipping, pick up and other methods are available to ensure speedy delivery, there is always the possibility of a delay. Late arrival of goods does not entitle you to a refund. Arrival of goods after your event does not entitle you to a refund. Please ensure when ordering that you allow enough time from dispatch to when it arrives at your chosen address.

Notifying Us Of Shipping Delays

If you have not received your parcel in the time frame you expected, you must notify us immediately so we can commence tracking of the package. The difference between you receiving your goods and not can sometimes be a matter of minutes in this regard. Once we have an update on the parcel, we will give this update to you and then put you in contact with the freight company in question so you can receive updates first hand as they come to light.

Delivery On Weekends

We do not offer any kind of weekend delivery service. Our couriers do not offer this service, hence neither can we. Unlike pure gift services and floristry shops, we do not use an on call delivery service. For this reason, we recommend having your gift sent earlier with a message to "please do not open until..." and then the day you would like the git opened.

Additional International Shipping Charges

International orders will not be charged Australian GST (10% tax). However, you may be charged an import duty by your own national customs provider.

Many countries have a tax free threshold up to a certain value before a percentage of the packages value is then charged. Chocablock Chocolates is not able to provide quotes on these charges, nor include them in our quoting or ordering system.

It is your responsibility to know these charges prior to ordering and pay them to the relative freight companies upon request. Discovery of these fees at time of delivery is not a reason to request a refund of our order.

Flat Rate Shipping 

From time to time, we offer specials on shipping. These usually offer a flat rate irrespective of the size of your order. The exception to receiving this discount is if you have negotiated a bulk discount with us in which case we will not absorb the additional costs of shipping. However, you can rest assured we will give you an accurate cost price for your freight.

Flat rate shipping only applies to domestic orders under $1000. Attempts to split orders into lower amounts to avoid going over this threshold will still be interpreted as one order and freight charged accordingly.

Our Packaging

Chocablock Chocolates has developed an ingenious method for shipping your chocolates to ensure they arrive in excellent condition, irrespective of heat or wet conditions.

Missing Products

Chocablock Chocolates uses a packaging camera to record your work being produced. If you believe that your order is missing a quantity of items, please let us know ASAP. We will then review your packaging recording to identify your claim, and if an error is detected, we will send out the missing items immediately. All requests for shortages must be received within 7 days of receiving the goods.

In addition to video footage we also use the dispatch weight as a guide to indicate quantities shipped and will happily share this with you upon request.

Melting Chocolates & Our Melt Free Guarantee

If you receive your chocolates and you are concerned that they may be heat affected – STOP. Place the package in a cool location for at least an hour to allow it cool down. Once it has cooled, then open that package to check for any distortion.

If you find your chocolates have been heat affected, please call our warehouse immediately on 03 9555 1991 and we will begin the process of replacing your chocolates.

What You Can Do To Eliminate The Risk Of Melting

We recommend having your chocolates delivered to a workplace, for two reasons:

  1. Workplaces tend to be cooler in the Summer months
  2. Someone usually is able to take receipt of your parcel instead of it being left out in the elements at home.

Waiting At Home For Delivery

As discussed above, there are many factors that can affect the delivery of your parcel. 98% of deliveries make it on the day expected in the morning. But exceptions do occur. We do not recommend taking days off from work to await parcels, and do not consider your decision to do this as the basis for compensation for late parcels.

If you wish to ensure somebody is present for deliveries, we recommend having your packages delivered to your or a friend’s or family member’s workplace.

Express Post Network

Australian Express Post (Next Day Guarantee) shipping:


Postcode range(s)


0200-0250; 2600-2639; 2900-2920

Sydney and suburbs
Gosford Region
Wollongong Area

1000-1920; 2000-2249; 2555-2574; 2740-2786 

Melbourne and suburbs


Geelong and suburbs
Latrobe Valley

3000-3210; 3335-3338; 3340#; 3427-3429; 3750#; 3755#; 3757#; 3765-3767; 3782; 3785-3796; 3800-3810; 3910-3915; 3930-3934; 3975-3977#; 8000-8899 
3350; 3353-3356 
3550; 3552-3556
3825; 3840-3844

Gold Coast 
Booval/Ipswich Areas
City of Toowoomba
Sunshine Coast Areas
Maryborough City
Hervey Bay City
Bundaberg City

2484-2490; 4210-4299; 9726; 9728; 9729 
4350; 4352*
4500-4510; 4520


5000-5199; 5800-5999

Hobart area 

7000-7019; 7050-7053; 7055; 7172; 7892 

To and from Perth
From all above locations to Perth CDB
Only from Perth CBD 
(6000-6005; 6800-6899) to:
Canberra CBD 
Sydney CBD 
Melbourne CBD 
Brisbane CBD 
Adelaide CBD 
Hobart CBD 

6000-6005; 6800-6899 

1000-1299; 2000-2009 
3000-3010; 8000-8010 
5000-5005; 5800-5879 

# Service guaranteed in townships only in these postcodes
* Service guaranteed to Mail Centre Post Office Boxes only

Returns Policy

Our Promise

If you find our products to be damaged or not presented as agreed during the artwork approval process (e.g. misprinted following confirmation of artwork), you may return the unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We'll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.).

You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper, however, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly. This time period includes the transit time for us to receive your return from the shipper (5 to 10 business days), the time it takes us to process your return once we receive it (3 to 5 business days), and the time it takes your bank to process our refund request (5 to 10 business days).

If you need to return an item, simply login to your account, view the order using the "Complete Orders" link under the My Account menu and click the Return Item(s) button. We'll notify you via e-mail of your refund once we've received and processed the returned item.


Following placement of your order, if you change your mind about your design, the chocolates you have selected or wish to cancel your order, this does not entitle you to a refund. We are however happy to make adjustments to accomodate your needs (prior to printing).


Wrapped By Hand

All of our products are produced by hand. For this reason there will always be slight variations from chocolate to chocolate in positioning by a difference of millimetres. Variations of up to 3mm will occur and is within our range of quality control.

Bulk Orders

Chocablock chocolates offers bulk discounts for orders over 100 units which vary on a product by product basis. Please call 1300 154 009 to discuss.

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