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Wedding Anniversary Chocolates

It takes a special kind of commitment to reach a wedding anniversary - and you can can celebrate this achievement with our range of fabulous Wedding Anniversary Chocolates. We can match a chocolate to any traditional theme no matter what anniversary you are celebrating, be it your 1st (Paper Anniversary), 15th (Crystal Anniversary) or 30th (Pearl Anniversary).

We have a chocolate for every size party and budget, including both regular and large chocolate bars, giant chocolate freckles, lollipops, mini chocolates and more. All of our delicious chocolates can be quickly dispatched to almost anywhere in Australia. Feel free to add photos and other personal messages when you place your order.

Paper, Silver or Gold, mark your wedding anniversary with the perfect chocolate gifts!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your life partner or the best party favour for your anniversary bash, you’ve come to the right place. At Chocablock Chocolate, we specialise in providing unique, quality, personalised chocolates for every occasion.

So, if you’ve made it to the dazzling diamond, or if you’re just starting out, we can find the right wedding anniversary chocolate gifts for your occasion, and your budget!

Creative ideas for your celebration

We believe that no opportunity should be wasted when it comes to your big celebration, so here’s a few innovative ways you could use our personalised chocolates to enhance your party preparation.

  • Party Favours

    Ok, we’ll start with the obvious one – party favours! That little sweet something that your guests can take home to remember your special day. Plastic tokens can end up in the bin, but edible presents always go down a storm!
  • Name cards

    Formal sit-down dinner? Customise your chocs to include individual guest names instead of wasting time and paper on place cards. Your guests will love this personal touch!
  • Decorations

    We’ve all seen glitter liberally tossed over place settings to give a little sparkle to an evening, imagine a table strewn with our delightful foil hearts instead! Just as glitzy but with the added bonus of being backed with a personal design marking the moment.
  • Balloon Weights

    Yes, you heard us correctly. Take a stash of our Ferrero Rocher gift boxes, or a chocolate bar or two, down to your balloon supplier. Instead of wasting money on weights to tie down helium arrangements, why not choose an edible weight that can be given out as favours at the end of the night? We told you we never miss an opportunity to say it with chocolate!
  • Memory moments/Conversation starters

    To strike up a conversation between guests at your tables you could have a number of different designs printed with fun facts, sweet memories or different photos to jog the recollection and help the flow of happy stories.
  • Guest organisation

    If you’re not the sort to sit with a seating chart and want to mix things up a bit, you could have your bars printed in sets of different colours or designs. Hand them out at the entrance and then let your guests find the table that matches their chocolate bar – seating plan sorted!

Whatever you want to say, say it with Chocablock Chocolates

Lollipops and freckles, mini and maxi bars – there’s a size and a style for every chocaholic out there. With free original artwork, mock-ups and a fast delivery time, we know we can cater to your every need in time for you to enjoy your night. Value for money and high-quality results are our speciality. Why not find out more about our business, and get exclusive updates, by signing up to our newsletter today? Simply visit us at and enter your details at the bottom of our homepage.