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Personalised Chocolate Bar Wrappers with Logo

Personalised Chocolate Bar Wrappers are the perfect way to show your guests how much they mean to you. From delicious wedding favours to a thoughtful little thank you gift, Chocablock Chocolates will have something for you! With our extensive range of templates online, you will have no trouble finding one that suits you. To top it off our competitively low price of $2.95 is all you’ll need to pay for each chocolate bar!

Our Personalised Chocolate Bar Wrappers make the best present!

You’ll be thanking Chocablock Chocolates when you see the smiles on your friends, family or colleagues faces after they receive their gift! Personalised Chocolate Bar Wrappers are ideal for a thank you gift, a get well soon treat or even a creative little engagement present if you’re on a budget.

Our Personalised Chocolate Bar Wrappers are the perfect size…

Specialising in our 10cm x 5cm chocolate bars, they are the perfect size, not too small, not too big! We can create just about anything your heart desires.

Delicious and great quality

We only use Lindt milk chocolate, the very best quality chocolate there is. We take extreme pride in our quality and service and will go to every length possible to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Personalised Chocolate Bar Wrappers that are easy to find

There is nothing better then a website that makes sense! Our personalised chocolate bar wrappers are organised in a clear library for you to look through. We also have secure and easy online shopping which allows our customers to browse and feel safe when making purchases.

Better Your Brand Awareness with Personalised Chocolate Covers

Welcome to Chocablock Chocolates; we are Australia’s largest supplier of personalised chocolate bars and we invite you to check out our amazing collection of tasty treats today. The customisation possibilities we offer enable both individuals and corporations to create personalised chocolate covers that can feature a company’s logo on the chocolate wrapper. It is the perfect way to better your brand awareness and reach out to your target market in a truly effective way.

One of the reasons we are Australia’s best-loved supplier of personalised chocolates is that, unlike many of our competitors who use cheap chocolate, we use Lindt chocolate, which is some of the finest chocolate in the world.

How Will Personalised Chocolate Bars Help My Business?

In the event planning world, white-label chocolate bars are becoming increasingly popular as a medium for brands to connect with customers on a sensory level, whilst adding a little extra razzle-dazzle, in terms of branding, to their events.

In a similar way to how wedding organisers utilise personalised wine bottles, usually featuring a photo of the bride and groom, personalised chocolate covers are becoming increasingly popular within the corporate market.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Everyone Loves Chocolate

With the rare exception, almost everyone enjoys chocolate, and most people associate chocolate as being a “treat”. 

This love of chocolate (known in marketing psychology as ‘positive association’) will subconsciously transfer over to your brand. 

Chocolate lights up the brain in a way that creates pleasure; this pleasure now becomes associated with your brand. This is why it’s so important to use high-quality chocolate.

  1. Reciprocation

Within the science of influence, one of the most potent principles is that of reciprocation – meaning, if you offer something first, you will likely get something back in return.

Often, when used at trade shows, the thing you’ll get back in return is a prospect’s attention; which can prove to be very valuable indeed.

We’ve all seen exhibitors use a variety of expensive tactics (such as a free massage or a prize draw) to lure customers in. Chocolate is a cheap and universally adored incentive that will leave a lasting taste in everyone’s mouth.

  1. Stimulate The Senses

Our olfactory systems (taste and smell) are known as being the most potent way to access or create memories. Have you ever found yourself catching a smell of someone’s aftershave or perfume that instantly took you back to a particular place, moment in time, or person?

Personalised chocolate bars not only offer a visually engaging way to connect your brand with customers, but a kinaesthetic experience is also ensured as they unwrap the chocolate and an olfactory experience as they eat the chocolate.

Request A Free Mock Up With Your Logo

Our chocolate bar wrappers can be customised in whatever way you like when it comes to colours, logo, images and text, so it’s time to get creative.

Wondering about what size bars we offer? We supply personalised chocolate bars in a variety of shapes and sizes and, despite our high quality, we are able to offer a competitively low price of just $2.95 per bar.

We deliver throughout Australia too so you can take advantage of our delicious branded treats no matter where you’re located.