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About Us

Our Story

Even from the beginning, we've done things a bit differently. Our name has an informal, exuberant tang that comes from the idea of something being “crammed full”. It’s how we approach our product and design offering, to give our customers the ability to fill their cart with everything they need for their next celebration.

The Devil Is In the Detail

Let us ask you – when a party is done and dusted, what do people remember? It’s the attention to detail, isn’t it? Whether it be an intimate baby shower or a product launch, the highest praise you can receive is that you thought of everything. It is in this pursuit of party perfection that Chocablock was born.

We Are Party People

At our core, we love to celebrate. We throw parties for every reason. For our family, for our friends. We love to plan, plot and style. We dare to dream and our vision is only exceeded by our passion to make a memory. And we think you do too which makes our mission pretty simple – to make your party GREAT.

We Make Dreams Come True

Once upon a time, it was pretty hard to get what you wanted when it came to personalisation for parties and promotions. Artwork setup fees, costly samples, middle men, high minimums - and let’s not forget the pricing. Most frustrating was that if you came up with an idea, there was nobody to deliver it for a price worth paying. It is in this ability to help dreams come true at great value that Chocablock was born.

Favours, Party Supplies & More!

Chocablock creates that “something special” for celebrations that guests cherish and remember. Personalised party favours are our bread and butter, and now our personalised party supplies bring us closer to being that “one-stop shop” for Aussie celebrations.

The Three "F's"

At Chocablock, we’ve always delivered on the three ‘F’s - we’re fast, we’re flexible and we’re all about having fun. We believe that both the quality of our products coupled with our investment in in-house production equipment plus our enthusiastic team allows us to deliver on all three fronts in delivering unique products to the chocolate lovers of the world.

Our People

We hire great, self-motivated people with diverse backgrounds who are willing to engage and share their stories so that we can grow both the company and ourselves.

Melbourne Born & Bred

We’ve been involved in the personalised confectionery industry for over a decade, so we know a thing or two about chocolate and great customer service. Through the years at our Moorabbin warehouse, we’ve won National Customer Service awards and we believe the best is yet to come.

So Why Choose Chocablock As Your Personalisation Partner?

Australian-Owned Operation

All profits stay in Australia to support our economy and our products are made to Australian standards. Our faster lead times and lower delivery costs help keep our prices down.

In-house Production

We’ve invested heavily in printing and production equipment so no aspect of the production process needs to be outsourced. This enables us to offer our industry-best turnaround times.

In-house Graphic Design Team

Need a mockup urgently? We’ll have it ready in an hour. We respect trademarks and are committed to promoting brands as well as we promote ourselves.

Flexible customisation

Add logos, add photos, add messages, add poetry, add each person’s name, put something on the back, a golden ticket inside - whatever you want, we can make it happen.

Fast Turnaround

Nearly all the products in our catalogue are held in stock, and if they’re not, it is only a maximum of 14 days before we have them again.

Food handling certified

We welcome regular facility inspections by council and maintain regular pest control maintenance as well.

Fully insured for your peace of mind

Chocablock maintains $20 million public liability insurance.

Green As Can Be

We only have one planet and we need to make it last. We saved 13.5 kilometres of bubble wrap in a year and our factory is now carbon-neutral with our commitment to solar. Our printing presses actively reduce the impact of chemicals by using vegetable-based inks, eco-friendly soy inks, alcohol-free chemistry and aqueous coatings.

Award Winning Customer Service

We've been accused of providing great customer service, and we're ok with that. Our sales teams is here 8am to 6pm Mon-Thu and 8am-4pm on Fridays, and our warehouse is open Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm AEST. Both can be reached via our 1300 phone number, live chat, or email. We guarantee that all emails will be answered within 1 business day and you can always be assured that we will go out of our way to help you.

"Melt-Free" Guarantee

We've delivered chocolates to some of the most vicious heat imaginable - to the dry heat of Perth to the 100% humidity of the north end. And that's not to mention shipments we've made to Miami, Texas and even Brazil. Nobody knows how to get chocolates to you through the heat, but if circumstances conspire against your parcel, then we'll send you a replacement parcel straight away or refund you.