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Fillables - Promotional Jars, Tins, Tubes And More

Our fabulous range of fillables includes promotional test tubes, organza bags, confectionery tubes and more. And our lollies? Our lolly choices are simply spectacular not only in the way that they are presented, but also because we are the only promotional lolly company to offer a wide range of colour-coordinated lollies.

Matching the feel of your brand has never been easier with Chocablock's free design service and if you can't find a filling you like, just ask us - we're happy to source jelly lips, racing cars, little pigs or whatever the occasion requires. Couple this with our 5-star customer service and lightning fast turnaround times, and you have a lolly bag supplier that can't be beat. So get in touch today and let us help your promotional lolly dreams come true.

Corporate Lolly Bags To Promote Your Business

Want to treat your coworkers and clients to something sweet while promoting your business? Look no further than our Corporate Lolly Bags!

These bags of promotional lollies come personalised with your company's logo AND filled with delicious treats, making them the perfect addition to any corporate event or pitch meeting. Not only will these mixed lollies leave a lasting impression on those who receive them, but they'll also serve as a tasty reminder of your brand.

So why not give Corporate Lolly Bags a try for your next promotion? It’s a fun business gift and a real treat for everyone involved!

Buy Personalised Rock Candy Bags Online

Our branded corporate gifts are the ultimate marketing and advertising products. Your clients will be sure to enjoy these mini bags of personalised rock candy. When it comes to Corporate Lolly Bags, there's nothing quite like a branded treat. Sure, generic candy can be tasty, but there's something special about biting into a lolly featuring your company's logo. It adds an extra level of personality and excitement to the gift bag. Plus, just think of the added attention a branded lolly will bring when shared on social media – now that's sweet publicity.

Because we offer plenty of different decoration techniques and can support bulk quantity purchases, supplying promotional products is simple for our team. So next time you're putting together Corporate Lolly Bags, don't overlook the value of branded treats! They may just be a small touch, but they'll make a big impact.