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Place Card Chocolates

Chocablock is renowned as Australia's fastest and friendliest personalised chocolate shop. Hell, we'll go all the way and just say "the best". But while personalised chocolates are great for every event you can think of, individually personalised is another step up. And that's where the idea of place card chocolates comes from.

What actually is a place card chocolate?

When we say "place card", we are not referring to adding an additional swing tag or label to the existing artwork of your chocolates. A place card chocolate by its very definition is the addition of a guest name on each individual chocolate in the actual artwork itself prior to printing. So, when your guests sit down at their designated spot (as show on their chocolate), they get the correct impression that their very own chocolate bar has been created just for them. Which is true... almost.

Place card chocolates can have much more than just a guest name

While most place card jobs we do use guest names, we can vary each chocolate in other ways. For example, we can add horse numbers for a sweep on race days, we can add a small different quote for each chocolate, we can add special words/numbers to use in a prize draw or door prize. There are plenty of ways you can use your creativity with place card chocolates.

What is the process involved to create place card chocolates?

Our graphic designers have two jobs here at Chocablock. Firstly, they create a range of templates across a range of events that makes choosing a suitable design easy for all of our customers. Secondly, they create artwork for customers with very specific requirements where a template will not suffice. In either one of these situations, adjusting artwork to have enough space for a guest name to appear is easily done. This part of creating place card chocolates is free of charge.

Once we have your design finalised and approved by the client, we then mark that order as approved, pending receipt of a guest list. This could be any time in the next year, depending on how far in advance our customers have organised their chocolates. When we do receive the guest list (in Excel format, please), it is time for your place card chocolates to go to print.

It's here where the extra work is involved, where instead of a single piece of artwork being created, we need to use a little custom coding to trick our printer into thinking there is actually 100 pieces of artwork when there is in fact one. Once the place card names are printed and cut, we also print your guest list to run a cross check on the names to ensure we have as many as are expected. Once confirmed, we get on with producing your place card chocolates.

So as you can see, there is quite a bit of extra work required to create a place card chocolate, and hence why we charge a fairly nominal fee of 50 cents per chocolate.

Should I? Or shouldn't I? Making a case for place card chocolates.

Be it or weddings, corporate events or even small birthdays or anniversaries, a case can be made for adding place card names to your chocolates. Obviously, if you want each person to sit in a designated spot, then a place card of some sort is going to be necessary and if you are providing a chocolate favour, then 50 cents is a small price to pay or a place card.

But as described above, you can add more than just names. If you want everybody who receives a chocolate to have a special number for prize draws or door prizes, then the concept works well here too.

But if the chocolate is meant as a parting gift, then it is more likely that a place card name is not required. Further, if budget is of the utmost importance we promise that you chocolates will still be very well received even without place card names.