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The Best Jungle Party Ideas So Far

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 19, 2020

The Best Jungle Party Ideas So Far

Jungle Party ideas

Take one look at that photo above – apart from making us wish we were there, it evokes so many ideas that can be translated into what you’re planning – the greatest jungle party in the history of parties for your little king or queen of the jungle. Trees, lush green foliage, moss covered rocks, running water and can you imagine the sound of nearby animals and birds as dusk falls? Giving you a few jungle party ideas? OK, let’s translate that into a jungle party room that kids of all ages are going to love.

Before we start, the great thing about a jungle party is that it can be enjoyed by most age groups. The way you style it will define the target audience, but for all intents and purposes, we’re going to focus on a kids party for under 10 year olds.

There are a few colour schemes that work for jungle parties, but we like the combination of dark green, chrome green, gold and white. The white is important as it breaks up the other elements nicely giving all of your decorations room to breathe. If everything is green, some of your ideas will get lost.

First impressions are everything so why not turn your front door into a cave entrance like something out of Indiana Jones with foliage, a few vines that the kids have to climb through and a sound track of wild birds calling and rushing water. If you really want to go OTT on the entrance, then a floodlight or torch that use yellow light (not blue/white) can be used with a roll of paper funnelling to create a look of sun rays streaming in through the tree top canopy.

Once inside, we recommend using a dramatic balloon garland over a dessert table to really sell the whole theme of the party in an instant using the colours mentioned above. In fact, Chocablock has a fantastic jungle-themed party pack that has everything you need from a personalised jungle party supplies side of things. This is far and away our most popular party pack and includes the easy to assemble balloon garland, a personalised party banner, matching foil plates and cups, stickers, placemats as well as coordinated party favours such as chocolate bars, freckles, lollipops and more (more on that below).

For the dessert table, clear cups with green jelly and a confectionery banana poking out, finished with a sprig of mint leaves looks vibrant and delicious. Add to this a pile of chocolate brownies again garnished with mint leaves looks equally as voluminous and spectacular, add you can stack it make it look like an Incan temple. If cupcakes are your thing, create a combination of green and brown chocolate cupcakes and finish them with our cupcake toppers for a luxe jungle vibe. Stand a cluster of ivory lollipops with jungle stickers on them to create a real sense of abundance.

For other decorations, vines are your best friend as a jungle party idea, and you can use the to decorate all kinds of areas, from the cupcake stand on your dessert table, or as a sit down table centrepiece decoration idea in place of a table runner. Using a few strategically placed faux-flowers of a tropical style will also really sell the scene – remember, the devil is in the detail.

As the guest arrive, another great jungle party idea is to have a face painter on hand to paint them up as their favourite animal, be it lion, tiger, hyena or leopard. The kids will love running around, roaring it each other and the photos will look fantastic. Like any adventurer in the jungle, plan a treasure hunt with an old map that you and all the kids solve together (see out post - X Marks The Spot - Treasure Hunts That Boys Will Love for more ideas on this).

Create your own colour-in place mats filled with a jungle scene of all kinds of jungle animals for the kids to work on with a mini pack of pencils before their meal arrives.

When it’s time to leave the jungle, use our personalised green jelly bean favour bags to say farewell and thanks for dropping by.