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Latest Christmas Styling Trends

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 10, 2020

Updated 21st Nov 2021

Christmas 2020 was a lock-down and a let-down for most of the world. Christmas 2021 has been two years in the making with lots of anticipation and expectations. Here are the upcoming trends for this Christmas Season:

Eco-Friendly Alternatives: one of the many after-effects of the pandemic is that it has made us more aware of our relationship with the environment. More people will be looking for less wasteful options for celebrating the Christmas season. Likewise, many families are also still suffering from the economic impact of the pandemic and therefore looking for cost-saving options. For specific tips on both of these trends, check out our blog “

Personalised Gifts: what was missing from Christmas 2020? It wasn’t the gifts or the food. What people really missed was the enjoyment of celebrating with family and friends in-person rather than via a computer screen. We expect that the most highly-valued experience of the 2021 season will be a return to face-to-face contact. That change in priorities and in perspective is reflected in this year’s trend for giving personalised Christmas gifts. It’s a way of saying to loved ones: “YOU are the thing that I missed the most last year”.

Hampers and Boxes instead of hardware and electronics: for most of the 21st century, the most sought-after Christmas gifts have been gadgets. This pressure to buy the latest technology is reflected in the tradition of Black Friday shopping. But we believe that the pandemic has changed peoples’ shopping habits. Shoppers are less willing to battle it out with super-spreader crowds and are less willing to throw down the cash for pricey items like cellphones and tablets.We expect that gift-givers and gift-receivers alike will enjoy simpler and more traditional gifts that they can enjoy at home. Not only are Christmas hampers, personalised Christmas gifts hampers, and chocolate Christmas gifts enjoyable, they are also practical and can save your family member or friend unwanted trips to stock up on Christmas treats. 

Small-group Advent parties rather than one large Christmas celebration: prior to the pandemic, Advent Sundays were treated more symbolically and just part of the anticipation leading up to Christmas. The pandemic has created a new trend however, where people are taking advantage of Advent Sundays to host smaller group celebrations leading up to Christmas. First Advent could be with colleagues, Second Advent with neighbours, Third Advent with one side of the family, and Fourth Advent with the other side. This is a smart and practical way to celebrate with everyone you love but in a safer and more pandemic-conscious way. Be sure to check out Chocalock’s specialised Advent hampers, Christmas bon bons and gift boxes. With this trend, we expect that party hosts will go for low-key and intimate home entertainment rather than grand outings. Check out Chocabloc’s chocolate jigsaw puzzles or Chocolate Games Night in A Box Board Game Hamper.

Buying Local: another result of the pandemic is that more people are aware of the economic hit that small businesses have taken compared to major online players. A trend for 2021 is more people consciously buying from and supporting local vendors. Many small businesses and local craftsmen depend on their earnings from Christmas to support their businesses for the entire year. Many of these vendors suffered greatly in 2020. So rather than going for the convenience of big box super stores, we expect that this year’s gifts and décor will come from local suppliers and craft fairs.

Hand-crafted Decorations: in-store Christmas shopping has become less and less ideal post-corona. On top of that, families are less willing to spend on non-essentials such as decorations. Finally, the pandemic has made more people think twice about the amount of waste they are producing. All of these factors added up together has resulted in a new styling trend for 2021 which includes more recycled, second-hand, creative, and handmade décor.

The one major trend for 2021 remains clear: after a 2020 Christmas of mostly Zoom-calls and quarantine, family and friends appreciate time together in person rather than extravagant gifts and parties.