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Wedding Bomboniere Ideas That Wow

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 22, 2020

Wedding Bomboniere Ideas That Wow

Looking for something amazing to give to your guests at your wedding? Why not try our personalised wedding bomboniere. You've come to the right place! We can customise your bomboniere to be absolutely anything, whether matching an invitation, theme, colours or having your own personalised photo this is a wedding bomboniere your guests are sure to love.

Who doesn’t love chocolate, let alone a wedding bomboniere that guests can enjoy either on the night or take home and save for later. We offer many different types of wedding bomboniere chocolates so you can simply take your pick. From our regular and large chocolate bars, Hershey kisses, Toblerone, Giant Freckles and Mini chocolates we are sure to have the perfect wedding bomboniere chocolate for you.

Foil Heart Wedding Bomboniere

Want to feel the love on your wedding day? Why not try our delicious chocolate foil hearts. Available in a wide range of colours this is a great wedding bomboniere idea. With a personalised sticker that can have anything you want your guests will certainly be feeling loved up when eating this tasty bomboniere.

Place Card Chocolate Wedding Bomboniere

Not looking for just a wedding bomboniere? Not a problem we can combine your placed cards and wedding bomboniere and all in one! Wedding favours don’t have to be boring why not make it extra special for your guests by adding individual names to each personalised bar. Who said wedding bomboniere couldn’t be multi-functional?

Chocolate Wedding Menu Bomboniere

Needing a cool idea to display your menus? Why not put the menu on your guests wedding bomboniere, a super delicious and tasty surprise for your guest. And the best thing is that you’ve got your menus printed and a wedding bomboniere for your guests all in one!

So why choose Chocablock?

Free Artwork Mockup Service For Your Wedding Bomboniere

Not sure how you want your wedding bomboniere to look? We know weddings can be a stressful time so that’s why we offer a free mock up service so you can see what your personalised artwork would look like before placing an order. That way you can see what your wedding bomboniere will look like without any obligation. Although we’re sure you’ll love what we come up with!

We Can Delay Delivery Of Your Wedding Bomboniere

Wedding isn’t for 6 months? We with weddings organisation is the name of the game and having your wedding bomboniere ticked off your list is one less stress to worry about. You can place your order with us today and select when you want your order shipped. We can even have your bomboniere shipped to you next year!

We Offer A Rush Production Service

Forgot the wedding bomboniere or needing an idea? Not a problem with our rush services we can have your wedding bomboniere personalised and shipped within a few days! Now you can stress less knowing that your wedding favour are sorted!

Express Delivery On All Wedding Bomboniere Orders

We can have your wedding bomboniere delivered to your door fast with our express delivery service.  Using one of the fastest networks for guaranteed next day delivery suburbs you can have your chocolates delivered to you over night no stress or fuss. This ensures that your wedding bomboniere are delivered in the best possible condition.

Are you looking for the best wedding bomboniere in Australia?

That’s a silly question, we know. Of course, you’re looking for the best wedding bomboniere in Australia. It’s your big day, and everything needs to be perfect. That’s why even the smallest decisions that seemed so mundane before now really matter. Choosing our chocolate hearts for wedding bomboniere means that you can show the love and the bond between you and your partner, in a delicious, edible form.  They’re sure to be a massive hit and make your wedding one that definitely stands out from the crowd, which means that your wedding sets the bar, and is talked about for years to come.

The best wedding bomboniere?

As we said, we really believe that using chocolate hearts for wedding bomboniere will ensure that you are able to show the bond, the love, and the passion between you and your partner, in a sweet and intimate manner. In addition to that, our chocolate hearts are delicious, even if we do say so ourselves.

What’s the best wedding bomboniere? Well, we think it’s our:

Gold frame watercolour wedding custom foil chocolate hearts

These gorgeous golden hearts are the perfect wedding bomboniere in our opinion. They are completely customisable, in that you can add your own message to the label of each of your wedding bomboniere. We recommend your initials and wedding date, but what you do include is completely up to you!  You also get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of foil colours, including silver, gold, pink, red, and blue foils.

Some frequently asked questions 

You wedding needs to be perfect. You deserve it. Your wedding day is your big day and a once in a lifetime opportunity. The celebration of love between you and your partner is simple enough; however, we all know that planning said celebration of love more often than not does not go off without a hitch. You’re bound to have questions, especially when it comes to your wedding bomboniere, a crucial part of your reception and your evening celebrations. So we’ve compiled a list of FAQs on our website and here are two of the most commonly asked questions:

Do you sell display stands?

If you’d like to use your chocolates as part of your place settings on your wedding tables, the answer is that yes, we do sell display stands. We sell them for an additional fee of just a few cents per stand, and you can choose between a black or white stand, depending on which best fits your theme.

Can I select a shipping date later in the year?

If your event isn’t for a few months, then yes, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to select a shipping date later in the year than when you place your order. You do this by setting a preferred dispatch date, and from there, we will schedule our production in accordance with your dispatch date.

These are just 2 of our most frequently asked questions. You can find more under the ‘FAQs’ tab on the “more info” section of our website. If you still need help or questions answered, the quickest way to get an answer is to use the live chat service, which is directly available on our website.