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Tragedy strikes Poland as a truck spills tons of liquid chocolate

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While no one was killed when a tractor trailer driving along the A2 highway in western Poland turned over, shutting down traffic in both directions (though the truck’s driver did suffer a broken arm), the crash was still tragic for another horrible reason: it was carrying 12 tons of liquid chocolate that spilled across all four lanes. And it created one very sad–and very challenging–cleanup.

While we mourn the loss of the sweet, sweet chocolate that flooded the highway in Graboszewo, Poland, crews from the nearby town of Slupca had to deal with the much more pressing issue of eliminating a mess that senior fire brigadier Bogdan Kowalski said would be harder to clean up than an oil stain.

According to The New York Times, the Sculpa police media officer Marlena Kukawka said the chocolate, which began to harden in the sun, needed to be melted with hot water before it could be washed away, which she said would take a few hours. (Though it will take a lifetime for us to get over something so horrible.) We would have suggested they use hot milk to create the world’s biggest hot chocolate bar, but that’s probably why we aren’t consulted on environmental disasters.

However, there obviously was one man they should have called.

Like we always say….from now on….when you have a highway of chocolate, turn to someone who knows about swimming in a river of it.

What would you do if you had 12 tons of chocolate to get rid of? Give us your best way of eliminating such a sweet problem in the comments below.

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