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Throw A Magic Party - Literally!

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 11, 2020

Throw A Magic Party - Literally!

Abracadabra! And just like that, another year has disappeared. Take that magical disappearing act further with your own magic themed party. All the other party themes have been done to death but when was the last time your child went to a magic party? We reckon probably never and the fact that it is suitable for all genders and ages makes it a deadest winner.

Decoration, food, costumes – we’ll get to all of these below, but you can not have a magic party without a magician, and this should be the real focus of any budget that you have. You can cheap out in other areas, but a real magician is worth his weight in gold.

Magician’s book out a long way in advance, so get onto this as soon as you can. There are two kinds of magicians, the old school style who have a little bit of flair but really let their magic do the talking, and then there’s the comedic style who is great at including the kids in the act. Even better are the ones one who deliberately fluff their tricks which can be absolutely hilarious. Whatever style you think, now is the time to organise it.

Decorating your magic party can be a focussed around a few key elements with a birthday banner and a magnificent balloon garland hung above your dessert/party table. Add some giant magic wands a rabbit being pulled out of a hat and you’re laughing.

You can add a small costume element, giving each child a cape and a wand when they arrive plus a few simple tricks that the kids can learn how to do themselves like producing an instant flower.

On the food front, you can organise a cake made to appear like a rabbit jumping out of a hat or a deck of cards flying and floating above the cake or go with cupcakes with top hat cupcake toppers. Or go for a simple looking cake that when sliced pours lollies from the centre. Add to this personalised magician themed favours like gold chocolate coins, rainbow lollipops or giant freckles with your child’s name and birthday on them – Chocablock can have those ready for you in just a few days.

Regardless of your choice, it’s sure to be a magical party for all.