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That's One Small Step! Easy Astronaut Party Ideas

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 12, 2020

That's One Small Step! Easy Astronaut Party Ideas

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... blast off! Have an aspiring astronaut or a space enthusiast to plan your next kids party for? How about a space themed birthday party? While others may take the easy route and just order in some Star Wars gear, you can really show your creative side.

As always, start with your word association brain-storming session. Think Planets, solar systems, black holes, space ships, stars, aliens and above all EXPLORATION. In just these few words, hopefully some ideas have already taken hold. So let’s get started:

Astronaut parties begin and finish with the party room designs, and fortunately there are heaps of ideas you can go for. Starting with your dessert/drinks table, decorate with an awesome balloon garland that uses a combination of chrome and confetti to give that futuristic look you’re going for. Add an outerspace space banner to it with your child’s name on it to make a great photo opp for the birthday boy or girl and their friends.

Hang clusters of cut out stars and planets to hang from adhesive hooks on the ceiling. You don’t have to fill the room with it - just a few clusters in a few spots will do the job.

Aluminium foil is also your best friend when it comes to decorating an astronaut party. Anything wrapped in it goes from being run of the mill, to now being a lunar module version of whatever it is. Wrap the hills hoist in foil and you’ll see what you mean. Wrap the dog in a sheet of it and it will look like the blessed little thing is trying to ward off alien brain attacks.

Decorate the room with aluminium table cloths and flying saucers. Style tables with rocket table centre pieces, aliens and spaceships. If you’re not sure where to start with the decorating, you can order Chocablock’s astronaut party pack which is great vaue and can include the matching party plates, cups, garland, posters and more that you need.

You can take the space element to the next level by blacking out windows/closing curtains and then using fluro lights to really change things up. Stick glow-in-the-dark stickers of stars, flying saucers and comets on the walls and ceiling.

Before the astronaut party, you can order some personalised stickers with NASA logos on them to stick around the room and onto invitations as well. As each guest arrives, they can have a NASA logo stuck to their shirt ensuring that they are “authorised for this mission.”

The party will be an even bigger success if you can get the kids to come in costume. Again, any box wrapped in foil with a hole cut in it is already at least 100 years into the future for kids. For the more adventurous, they can get dressed up as aliens or come as their favourite planet. Weird, but wonderful!

Plan out of this world food with ideas like using cookie cutters to cut out cookies that look like planets, stars and spaceships. The list of outerspace party food options is endlles. Order personalised bags of fairy floss that you can tell everybody is actually moondust. You can even organise personalised silver stars that are made out of chocolate. There’s just so many options!

Entertain guests with a twist on games such as musical planets (with balls representing the planets). Saturn toss (hula hoop is Saturn and tossing a bean bag). Lost in space (ball pit search).

This just may be the best party you’ve ever organised, so what are you waiting for? The universe is calling! Get your astronaut party organised now!