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Strike! Bowling Party Ideas That Are Next Level

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 20, 2020

Strike! Bowling Party Ideas That Are Next Level

Bowling parties remain a firm favourite for kids of all ages for pretty simple reasons. Anybody can play and it's all about smashing heavy things down an alley to smash more things at the other end. In other words, it's just plain fun!

But if you've headed to your local AMF bowling alley, you've probably seen the default parties that are thrown and they lack a little imagination. Bowl for an hour, site at a table of 10 with chips, coke and a hot dog then see ya later. That’s pretty much the extent of it. And if you've come looking for bowling party ideas, then you do not want anything that is "default"!

Firstly, work out with the bowling alley what deals they have. Two games per kid is more than enough and probably too much. We think one game is still plenty if you can add in a few activities yourself (see below).

Then, plan to get to the alley well in advance to decorate, so don’t accept the first booking of the day. Aim for around midday if you can. Plan your timing for the party strictly. When kids run into a bowling alley, all they can hear is crashing ten-pins, booming music and flashing lights. Gaining their attention early on is going to be tough, so we recommend using the first 10 minutes just getting shoes sized up and choosing a bowling ball they can leave at the alley and then gathering them all and heading to the cafeteria area which is the only quiet-ish area in the place. Have them turn their backs to the action and face you and then you have the most captive audience you could hope for. And then it’s time to introduce… the entertainment!

A ten-pin bowling party is one of the few party ideas where we recommend hiring a clown or entertainer. These professionals are at their most entertaining when they are doing funny things and the amount of material they can have with a bowling ball is endless. This is why we recommend one game only because with your performer, they can stretch that game out to almost an hour. Let the entertainer organise the bowling themselves, it could be teams of two, teams of four, boys vs girls (girls are great at bowling) or it can be everybody vs the clown!

Your entertainer will be invaluable for both the bowling and the meal afterwards, and if time permits, have them entertain the kids with some crazy, screaming air hockey games.

On the bowling party decoration front, usually you will need two alleys so decorating them in opposing team colours is a great idea. You can use two different coloured balloon garlands for this for under fifty dollars which will look spectacular and create great photo opportunities. Decorate your party table with one of our bowling party packs which includes banners, cake toppers, plates, cups and more in your chosen colour scheme.

On the bowling party food front, rather than the junk mentioned above, create your own health mini cheese burgers held together with wooden skewers, and you can give each child their own personalised popcorn box filled with popcorn. For sweet treats to finish Chocablock has a great range of  bowling themed favours. You can personalise some smartie cookies with a bowling ball design and give each child one of Chocablock’s fabulous bowling personalised chocolate bars.

So there you have it, the professional party guide to bowling party ideas. Congratulations on your success – we’re sure it will be a “strike"!