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School Formal Party Favour Ideas

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 19, 2020

School Formal Party Favour Ideas

School Formal Party Favour Ideas

School formal party favour ideas fall into a few different camps. Firstly, some schools opt for a gift from the teachers. Usually, this kind of favour requires a little more space for an extended message than a bite-size chocolate can allow. We recommend our Premium Belgian chocolate bars that are available in both regular and large sizes and have space for a school logo, a heartfelt message and even further room for another message on the back, or as one school did last year, a raffle number for a great door prize (it was a round-the-world trip, so by great, we mean mind-blowing, especially for an 18 year old).

Alternatively our chocolate greeting card that can also double as a dinner menu is also very popular as a school formal favour as it has a lot of real estate and is more likely to be retained as a keepsake from the event. You have a choice of foiled chocolates that can be attached inside including gold stars, foil hearts, lips and coins too if you like.

If the budget can stretch that far, we also find that our boxed favours add a high-end touch to a school formal. Our chocaboxes that come with a choice of fillings are perfect as they add a little height to the tables and a small chocolate or two before dinner won’t ruin their appetite.

The alternative to a gift from the teachers is a favour that is still paid for by the school but the students have a greater say in their style and design, as they do for the entire formal. This typically may involve a Student Representative Council (SRC), but often schools recognise the need for a special council that is assembled for the soul purpose of planning the school formal. We find that this kind of school formal favour tends to be a simpler, more celebratory message than teacher favours above. Messages such as “Smithville High Year 12 Formal – End Of An Era!”, or “Highton Grammar School - It’s been fun but I’m glad that we’re done!” are common.

So for this kind of school formal favour, the options are a bit wider. Available in silver or gold foil, our Premium Belgian mini chocolates are a great value favour for under a dollar. If the budget can stretch a little further, personalised Toblerone bars make an excellent favour as their shape is perfect for it to double as a place card for each student and their date.

In terms of what design to go for on your school formal party favours, we find that if it is a gift from the teachers, then it tends to be more dignified with a strong use of school colours, school logo and elegant fonts, where as if the students have input into the design, it tends to be a lot more celebratory with explosions of colour and confetti, or bokeh lights in the design.

Whatever design you choose, rest assured that Chocablock can create the perfect School Formal party favour for your special night.