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Ideas For A Lace Wedding

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 15, 2020

Ideas For A Lace Wedding

Delicate detail never goes out of style, and nor does lace. This timeless textile will add an instant touch of vintage elegance, romance, and femininity, that is almost impossible to achieve with any other fabric.

However, the dress is not the only element that can utilise the fabric. There are plenty of ways to tie in a touch of lace into your wedding, from lace inspired wedding invitations, personalised lace wedding favours, lace table runners to lace chair decor, lace chocolates, and so much more.

One element a lot of brides use is to use the look of lace as a design element in their stationery and bomboniere. Just by using a picture of lace on timber or against a hessian background, it still ties into the overall appeal of lace without actually using the fabric itself.

Chocablock has a great range of vintage wedding favour designs that use lace in this way including vintage apothecary jars, favour boxes, favour bags, chocolate barsmini triosivory lollipops (which look beautiful with a strip of actual lace tied around the stick), mint tins and much, much more.

Back to lace itself, you wouldn’t believe it until you see it, but there are all kinds of lace that range from classic through to contemporary and the prices can range wildly. We recommend hitting Etsy to find a wide range of lace styles, but before you purchase, make sure that they have plenty in stock just in case you run out and need more. Nobody says that every piece of lace in your wedding has to match, but it does make things a lot easier if you can source as much as you want, when you want.

Now that you’ve received your lace, what now? Here’s a few ideas:

Lace your stationery

As it only takes about a 10cm strip to do this, this is a great way to make a little lace go a long way. You can either glue the lace to the bottom of your stationery i.e. invitations, wedding menu cards, place cards, etc, or you can tie a strip around them.

Lace the bridal bouquet

Building designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said it best, “God is in the details” meaning attention paid to small things has big rewards. Just adding a piece of lace to your bridal bouquet will provide a beautiful accent to your overall look. Even if no other part of your or the bridesmaid dresses are lace, the delicate fabric will give a vintage vibe to your wedding blooms.

A Lace Ceremony

Instead of using chair sashes or linen chair covers, why not use lace to decorate the ceremony chairs that guests will use. If you are going for a Shabby Chic look, alternate each chair with a different style of lace fabric. This will look breathtaking.

Lace Centrepieces

For table centrepieces you can wrap lace trimming and ribbon around mason jars filled with florals or you can simply wrap that lace around the main glass centrepiece vase which will give the glass an almost ethereal look.

So you see that lace has a rightful place at your wedding just as much now as it ever did. Weave it into your design elements for you wedding day to give it a vintage vibe that will thrill your guests.