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Farm Party Ideas

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 27, 2020

Farm Party Ideas

Farm party ideas - hay bales and animal costumes

We’re going to go right out and say it - a farm party may just be is one of the most fun parties you can throw. It’s easy to pull together, it’s fun for all ages, it’s not gender specific and who doesn’t love farm animals?

But what if you’re on a budget? Or what if you only got the idea today and the party is next week? Don’t worry – last minute, low budget ideas are our specialty. So settle in and hold on tight as we take you through the ultimate guide to farm party ideas.

The thing we love about farm parties more than anything else is the costumes that you can get the kids to come in. Every costume is bound to be different from the last and will range from little farmers in plaid shirts, gumboots and wide-brimmed hats, to kids coming in their favourite moo-cow onesie. The photos from this idea alone are going to make the whole farm party idea worth it so make sure you include it on your invitiation.

Onto decorating, an awesome decoration idea for any farm party is if you can source a couple of hay bales. As you can see from the picture above it just makes the theme beautifully. There are hay bale delivery services, but if you are on a budget, it’s worth calling a few farms not too far out of town who may be willing to sell one or two (tip: don’t make this call if there’s a drought in your state because farmers are going to need all the food for livestock they can get). Position the bales in the backyard so they’re visible as soon as the kids arrive. They make a great party table or seating alternative and the beautiful smell of hay will fill the space. The straw then makes great mulch for your garden beds so you’re going to get great bang for buck here.

Create a great dessert table using a standard trestle and a cow-print table cloth that contrasts beautifully against one of our bright and impressive balloon garlands. Add a personalised farm party banner underneath with your child’s name and age which makes for a great photo opportunity throughout the party. In terms of farm party favour ideas, the list is almost endless. Add a mixture of personalised blue and green fairy floss, a few clusters of custom lollipops with animals on them, a cupcake stand with custom cupcake toppers as well as some personalised chocolate bars or jelly bean favour bags to use as parting gifts for guests.

If the budget stretches that far, you can also hire a petting zoo to come by with sheep, hamsters, rabbits, pigs and geese that the kids will be fascinated by. Use this in place of any other kind of formal entertainment, believe us, this will be enough. If you do want to have a bit of fun, then have the kids join in for a hoe-down in the back yard. Find your favourite country music which can either be Aussie country or something more upbeat like “Boot-Scooting Baby” and dial the volume up to 10.

On the food front, nothing is more country than corn on the cob and home-made hot dogs in old-fashioned grain rolls. Serving kids glasses of milk is a nice farm-to-table touch too. Decorate the birthday cake with green icing and find some plastic farm animals at your local $2 shop to decorate it. A nice red barn will be a crowning touch too.

So there you have it, everything you need to create a barn-storming, thigh-slapping and above all, great farm party. We’re sure it will go well!