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Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas With A Twist

Posted by B. Appleby on Mar 23, 2020

Anybody can give somebody a chocolate egg. It’s not hard – waltz down to the supermarket, pick a size of chocolate egg that reflects how much you love that somebody then deliver to said somebody. OK, maybe that is a little harsh. A gift is a gift.

Or is it? Aren’t the best gifts those that show that thought, time and effort has been put into their selection? I think so. There’s something about a gift being not only mine, but made for me that gives me the warm and fuzzies. And I think most people are the same.

So with that in mind, we’ve set out to create a list of unique Easter chocolate gifts that really show you care, but don’t break the bank. Many of the smaller gifts have minimum order requirements, but even then they are certainly in the category of budget gifts.

Easter Gifts

Easter Greeting Card

Easter Greeting Cards
Price: Approx. $2.00
Take the humble greeting card and dial it up to 11 with a chocolate surprise inside. Available in a range of colours, and a range of designs, you can add your name and your own heart-felt message to make these truly your own.

Bunny Bag Easter Gift

Bunny Bags
Price: Approx. $3.00

This is a cute option that is sure to bring a smile. Included is one delicious Lindt Gold Bunny dropped into a gold organza bag that is then finished with your own custom designed swing tag.

Easter Egg Carton Present

Easter Egg Cartons
Price: Approx. $15.00
If there’s one thing better than a pack of freshly barn-laid eggs, it’s a pack of freshly foiled Easter Eggs! Laid in a bed of straw and then finished with a personalised sleeve, this is one Easter gift that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Pillow Boxes Filled With Easter Eggs

Pillow Boxes
Price: Approx. $3.50
Chocolates with wrappers or sleeves are nice, but when you can get a whole box with your own chosen design and message, then you’re ally taking things to the next level. These pillow boxes come with 4 bite-size eggs inside and ooze sophistication.

Egg Nest Box Easter Gifts

Egg Nest Boxes
Price: Approx. $5.00
These beautifully presented gift boxes get a big tick as an extremely popular Easter gift. The straw, the eggs, the gloss presentation box, the custom label, the gold bow – so many elements tied together in a small package that everybody will love.

Carrot Box Easter Egg Gifts

Carrot Boxes

Price: Approx. $3.50
Another cute option that gives you a full custom box for less that the price of a good coffee, these die cut boxes come filled with mini eggs and look super smart.

Easter Egg Card Gift

Egg Cards
Price: Approx. $1.25
Probably the most cost effective option in this list, these egg cards are the budget alternative to the full greeting card option, still giving you the ability to personalise your message and include a hunk of chocolate at the same time.

Easter Egg Gift Box

Easter Egg Boxes
Price: Approx. $15.00
Including a large 100g chocolate egg, that such an impressive custom Easter gift can be offered at this price is pretty incredible. Before you get too excited, the order minimum is around 50 boxes, so this option is more likely for the corporate-minded gift-giver.

Easter Egg Bags

Easter Egg Bags
Price: Approx. $2.00+
A simpler style of gift that gives plenty of bang for your buck, these personalised Easter Egg bags have the option to beef up the number of eggs inside from 4 to 6 or 8.

Giant Freckle Chocolate Gifts

Giant Chocolate Freckles
Price: Approx. $3.00+
A popular alternative to Easter Eggs is the rainbow coloured giant chocolate freckle. Just one look and you’ll agree they just scream “FUN”! Finished off with your own custom label, this is a great Easter gift for kids.

Personalised Easter Hamper Gifts

Personalised Easter Hampers
Price: Approx. $55.00
Some hampers go all the way up to $300, but this Easter sampler by Chocablock Chocolates ticks all the right boxes while keeping the price down. Complete with wine, eggs, rocky road and the most incredible rock candy you have ever tasted, the lucky recipient of this gift won’t forget this gift in a hurry.

Egg Tube Easter Gifts

Egg Filled Tubes
Price: Approx. $5.00
These crystal clear cubes present mini Easter eggs in a different dimension than many of the other Easter gifts here and include a 17g egg along with 4 mini eggs. The gold bow is a lovely touch too.

Bunny Poo Easter Bags

Easter Bunny Poo Bags
Price: Approx. $3.50
Let’s finish with a laugh. There’s something about referring to chocolate malt balls as rabbit dung that is just too funny for words. Another alternative to those who think an Easter Egg is too much of a cliché.