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Bumble Bee Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 12, 2020

Bumble Bee Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love the humble old bumble bee? With perhaps the exception of lady bugs, there’s no other garden creature that has so many admirable qualities. This makes it almost a sin not to throw a bee themed birthday party at least once in your child’s life. The best part is that it is 100% gender neutral so it makes a great party theme for boys and girls and especially a twin boy and girl.

So now that that’s decided, where should we begin to get busy for this party? As always, 15 minutes brainstorming with a pen and paper is vital. Think about bees look like, do all day, the great things about them, what everybody likes about them. We’ll get you started: flowers and making honey and sweetness and flitting between flowers and buzzing around a bee hive, a bumble bee’s bold colour palette, their allegiance to a Queen Bee, honeycomb shapes and honey pots to hold it all together… starting to get some ideas? Great!

There are so many amazing ways to use a cute little bumblebee in a party theme. Starting at the entrance, why not cut a whole swag of hexagon shapes in black and gold and stick them as far across and up the wall as you can. For the parent who like to dump and run, they’ll already get a taste of how good the party is going to be, and maybe they should stay a while at the end.

Once inside, simple yellow tablecloths will set the base nicely. This might be one of the rare times that you can use black partyware with your plates and cups, or you can alternate between yellow and black if you like. Two little clutches of bright gerberas in glass vases will give the table both height and vibrance.

Prepare an almost hive-like dessert table that will hold drinks, personalised bee chocolates, lollipops and personalised yellow fairy floss with your son or daughter’s name and face on them too if you like. Add a stand full of cupcakes in yellow and black chevron cups which will look sublime.

Overhead, use one of Chocablock’s yellow and black party balloon garlands that make such a great impact for such a low price. You can add a custom banner too which makes a great addition for photos of the birthday boy or girl.

For food, keep it simple with summer fruits followed by honeycomb ice cream. They will absolutely love them and it won’t make as much mess as honey sandwiches.

No need to hire any entertainers for this little party either. For kids of this age, a little bit of follow-the-leader and clap-along singing and dancing will pretty much tick all the boxes in terms of attention spans. If you want something a little more involved, you can set up a little station where each child gets to make their own bee antennae. Using thin black plastic head bands, yellow pipe cleaners and some yellow and black painted polystyrene balls, kids can tape these together and wear their favourite new fashion item.

A party like this only needs to go for a couple of hours, before all the busy little bees begin to lose energy and it’s time for them to buzz off. Finish with some personalised party favour bags with sweet little jelly beans which are just as much for Mum & Dad as they are for the guests.