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Ballet Party Ideas

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 18, 2020

Ballet Party Ideas

Ballet Party ideas for a ballerina fan

If you’ve ever heard the music of Tchaikovsky from Swan Lake or the Nutcracker, you’ll know how instantly recognisable it all is and how little girls can not resist the urge to pirouette to it and laugh. It’s the beginning of a love for dance that will last a lifetime, so why not immortalise it for your daughter and her friends with her very own ballet party?

Does your daughter need to have gone to ballet school to have a ballet party? No. It’s like saying that a boy has to get his union ticket in order to have a Construction party. The whole idea of parties is that their either fantasy, aspirational or just plain fun. And a ballet party certainly is all 3.

A ballet party almost styles itself from both a costume and decoration standpoint but there are a few tips that we can offer that make the experience a memorable one.

The Ballet Party Venue

Dance schools are always looking to expand their revenue streams and are a great place to start. For them, not only can they earn a room rental fee, but they potentially could also attract new students who’ve never been to a dance studio before. When the kids see walls full of floor to ceiling mirrors, they’ll be spell bound and of course the clean up won’t be your problem.

If a studio isn’t available, then clear the lounge room and decorate with one of Chocablock’s pretty pink and gold balloon garlands that you can hang above your party food table. You can add little tufts of tulle throughout the garland to soften its appearance even more. Add a custom ballet party banner with your daughter’s name and age and you’ve got yourself a ready made party space.

Decorating Your Ballet Party

In addition to the balloons mentioned above, Chocablock has a ballet party pack that includes everything you need to decorate your ballet party simply and easily. Save hundreds of dollars with this pack that includes plates, cups, balloons, a personalised banner, place mats and matching party favours like chocolates and ivory lollipops too.


Picking up tutu costs only a few dollars at major retailers but even if you just encourage the girls to come to your ballet party in a leotard and you can then give them each a tiara upon arrival, then the possibilities of a great party photo with everyone in costume is guaranteed. If you can’t find tiaras, stapling lengths of thick satin ribbon in your party colours to 30cm sticks of dowel from the hardware store is another great arrival gift that the girls will love dancing and twirling around with.

Ballet Party Food

Party pies and pirouettes are a match made in hell for obvious reasons. We recommend going with individual bags of personalised pink fairy floss which are light both in texture and in their tummies. Whip up a batch of cupcakes with ballerina cupcake toppers on a cupcake stand to create a little bit of drama on your dessert table. You can create little ballerina mini chocolates too as a dessert for the guests.

Dancing Games

If you’re having the party at home, there’s no need to go to the added expense of bringing in a professional teacher. Chances are you have a friend who did either ballet or calisthenics before and they’ll happily offer to run a dance class for 30 minutes of the party. For little girls, it’s about being able to do what they’re shown in some way rather than to be able to be perfect. Create a fun routine that goes to some readily available classical music so that the kids can keep practicing when they’re at home and put on some performances for their parents which is a rite of passage for any little girl.