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Baby Shower Theme Ideas For Every Budget

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 23, 2020

Baby Shower Theme Ideas For Every Budget

Pink baby shower theme ideas

With everything going on in your final trimester, it can be difficult to find the energy to throw a baby shower for yourself. But trust us, it’s worth it. Once the baby is born, you’ll feel like celebrating in large groups even less for a while so this is a chance to gather all your friends and celebrate you and your baby-to-be.

Once you’ve nailed down your venue, which for 90% of us is at home, it’s time to think of a theme. A lot of ladies think that it’s a choice of blue, pink or yellow and that’s it, you’re done. This can look great (and we do have some tips on this theme below) but there is a world of alternative baby shower theme ideas you can use no matter what budget you have. So go on, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up, and let us do a little bit of the heavy lifting as we present our ultimate guide to baby shower theme ideas:

Baby Elephants Theme

Of all the options in the animal kingdom, we’re not sure why but the baby elephant has become synonymous with whimsical baby shower themes.

Whether it be baby elephants sitting on a moon holding a single balloon, or maybe a herd of curious baby elephants exploring around, using this design element throughout your baby shower has an innocent touch to it. Use the design on gold foil personalised chocolate bars with your name on it, and add a dozen personalised giant freckles which look absolutely gorgeous on any dessert table. To make sure the theme is obvious, add a large personalised baby shower banner with the same cute elephant on it and decorate it with a matching balloon garland to add some elegant fun to the baby shower.

Nursery Colour Theme

Announce to all your friends via the baby shower invitation what colour the nursery will be so they can bring presents to match. If you know the gender, then you can decorate the entire room with a balloon garland, plates, cups and more. We even have baby shower party packs specifically for this reason that include everything you need to decorate in a single colour for a great price. It even includes a custom banner.

Baby Blue Baby Shower Theme

If it’s baby boy that you’re expecting then you can go all out in your decorating efforts. Choose between either a soft pastel blue with whites and a hint of peach or gold, or go bolder with three different blues in your baby shower balloon selection. Most kitchens and lounge rooms are a neutral colour already so the blue will really lift the space.

Add blue lollipops into small vases in two clusters on your food table to inject a little childlike fun into the occasion. Personalise some blue foil chocolate hearts for guests to enjoy throughout the baby shower.

Pretty Pink Baby Shower Theme

So many pinks, so few baby showers. We find that our Regal Rose balloon garland is most popular for baby showers as it really softens even the harshest environments (we’re looking at you 70’s timber top kitchen!).

Personalise individual bags of pink fairy floss with your party design and add clusters of pink lollipops too. Fill favour bags with pink jelly beans and add a dash of pomegranate cordial or flavouring to your drink dispenser to marry it to the styling of the room.

Flamingle Theme

Using a neutral colour pallet of turquoise, salmon and coral you can use a flamingo baby shower theme to really strut your creative side. Flamingos are seen as flamboyant creatures so carry this through to the activities/games that you have planned for the baby shower and encourage everybody to come out of their shell. Turn your lawn into a croquet field (make sure you get hubby to cut it nice and short before hand) and include little flamingo stirrers in champagne glasses. Add matching flamingo ivory lollipops and for an extra special touch and each guests name to each lollipop so everybody can learn each other’s names quickly.

Twinkle Star Baby Shower Theme

This Twinkle Star baby shower theme is one of our favourites due to its sophisticated white and gold colour palette that you can run right through your decorations, favours and party décor. No nursery rhyme really captures the quiet beauty of early childhood like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Use pops of gold throughout the baby shower, with coasters, napkins and cups. Add personalised gold star chocolates with your name on them for a delicate little themed detail.

Gender Reveal

Add to the excitement of the baby shower by promising a great unveiling of the baby’s gender. Gender reveal parties are just as much fun for you as they are for your guests because you can have your Radiologist or clinic send the gender information directly to us and then we prepare secret favours that have the gender information (pink or blue favours inside). The girls will love it and it gives everybody something to look forward.

Vintage Spring Garden

At the higher end of the budget scale and perfect for those who don’t like the bold colours of more common baby shower themes, this Spring Garden baby shower theme is a little more vintage in its inspiration and creates a party space that is elegant, graceful and beautiful. Featuring honeyeaters flitting from flower to flower and elegant old-school scripts, you can use spring florals to decorate the room, using a few bouquets in strategic places around the room. Think gold rimmed cups and plates, and add a black and white tiled pattern to the kitchen bench before placing creating your grazing station on top. Add platters of personalised chocolates with your name and the baby shower date to keep as a keepsake. Guests will love it.

Rainbow Theme

Just because you don’t know the gender of your baby doesn’t mean you have to go with gender neutral yellows and greens. Why not go with a rainbow theme instead?

To decorate the room, start with one of our magnificent rainbow coloured balloon garlands. These only take about 45 minutes to assemble and transform the room for less than $30. Hang it high using removable adhesive hooks and fishing wire or string and then hang one of our large party banners underneath in radiant rainbow colours.

Arrange matching rainbow plates and cups on a dessert table underneath that you can fill with personalised rainbow fairy floss, smartie rainbow cookies and matching mini chocolate favours. Rainbow lollipops also make a fantastic baby shower favour and can all be personalised. Create a cupcake tower with each cupcake decorated with one of our cupcake toppers in the shape of a rainbow. Gorgeous!

When guests are ready to leave, you can use our personalised baby shower favour bags filled with rainbow jelly beans for them to munch on on the way home.