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And The Winner Is… Oscar Party Ideas

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Aug 16, 2020

And The Winner Is… Oscar Party Ideas

Oscars party and awards party ideas

The Oscars is probably THE perfect awards night to plan a party for because the event has glitz and glamour, lots of familiar faces and above all, it goes for ages! At three and a half hours, it’s longer than any sports event, and when you throw in pre-ceremony red carpet interviews and the like, there’s plenty of fodder to enjoy.

Better still, the Oscars is the kind of event you can tune in and tune out of as much as you like so plenty of fun and laughter can be had during the boring bits. And we promise, there are a LOT of boring bits.

The only (tiny) spanner in the works of throwing an Oscars party is that the live telecast is usually in the middle of the day for us here in Australia, so you need to get everybody to promise to not listen to any radio news before they get to your party. Sounds difficult? Not really – we’ve thrown plenty of Super Bowl parties that require guests not to watch the game live earlier in the day and they have been a smashing success.

So now that you have got inspired to thrown an Oscars Party, how do you organise it. Hollywood party themes are pretty easy to decorate and cater for – here’s a few ideas.

Roll out the red carpet at your entrance – if you don’t have a legitimately long red carpet, even just a red doormat with a pair of bollards inside your front door will satisfy this decorative requirement and be appreciated with a lot of laughs. You can even have “security” check the guest list for each guest as they arrive to really sell an air of exclusivity. Everybody will feel like they’re rocking up to Elton John’s afterparty.

On the decoration front, gold and diamonds on black is an excellent colour scheme to run with. Rather than creating clusters of balloons in each corner of the room, go for one of our Hollywood party confetti filled balloon garlands in black, gold and silver. They look fantastic and only take 45 minutes to setup. Add a custom Oscars party banner to really set the mood.

Set your garland up above your Oscars party table which should be filled with champagne flutes, personalised popcorn boxesgold star chocolates as well as platters filled with personalised chocolate bars that have a sweep of all the top Oscars categories (best actor, best actress, best picture, etc) printed on the back. Have everybody pick one up upon arrival and this will add an extra level of excitement to the broadcast.

You can have custom banners printed vertically with Oscars statues on them on either side which will make a great photo opportunity for guests at a cost of next to nothing.

All of us have an evening gown or tuxedo lying around somewhere (or have a friend who does) so an Oscars party is your golden opportunity to make the dress code formal. Beyond the odd wedding, how often do you get such a chance?

Chocablock has a great range of Hollywood party decorations, Oscars party favours and other glamourous personalised party supplies. You can view the full range here.