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Great Girls 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Posted by The Chocablock Events Team on Sep 29, 2020

Great Girls 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Great girls 1st birthday party ideas

Your little girl is only going to turn 1 once and that can be a cause of angst for many a Mum when it comes to planning a girls 1st birthday party, but it shouldn’t be. Whatever you do is going to be a fun memory so why not relax and enjoy it a little. The best part about planning a 1st birthday is that you don’t have to worry what the birthday girl is going to think of it – she’ll be happy with just about anything.

So, where do you start? We find with a few simple choices, you can put together a beautiful girls 1st birthday party space. Let’s get started!

Girls First Birthday Party Themes

The easiest way to streamline the planning of your little one’s soiree is to pick a theme. Although you are only limited by your imagination, here are the top girls first birthday party themes in the Chocablock store in no particular order:

You may notice that favourite birthday themes like Mermaids, Princesses, Ballerinas and the like are missing here and that’s a deliberate choice. The reason for this is that these themes are ones that you’ll find your daughter may or may not choose when she is older, so save them for then. If she turns out to be a more of an earthy, rough and tumble type, then that Ballerina party may have you answering some tough questions when she’s 6 or 16. But themes like Lady Bug, Bumble Bee and Watermelon are very 1st birthday centric and allow you to really stretch your creativity while also capturing your little one’s personality too.

Notice that all of these themes have a very strong sense of colour and that’s where we would encourage you to place your focus. No matter how generic or ornate your home is, this use of colour will completely transform the space.

Decorating A Girl’s First Birthday Party

Whichever theme you choose, making a big impact on arrival is where you want to put your focus. Many of our above themes have party packs that include a large 2m balloon garland in matching colours accompanied by a big beautiful personalised party banner. You can add your daughter’s name to this which makes for a great photo opportunity for you and bub. We also recommend adding a second garland at the entrance to tie the whole affair together for just a few dollars more.

Whatever theme you’ve chosen, make sure you add just a couple of elements into the décor as well. So for a lady bug party, you may add some real greenery to the sit down table for the kids, or for a confetti party you can have some scattered confetti in some prominent locations. Match the cups and plates to the theme and your home and hosed.

Food For A Girl’s First Birthday Party

Somee Mums like to make the kitchen bench or island the focus of plates of food but you’re going to need this space. We recommend erecting a 1.8m trestle table with a matching cloth to your theme and then turn it into a beautiful party food table that combines all of your culinary efforts from cupcakes and savoury items right through to the birthday cake. We recommend a few personalised confectionery items here as well – personalised fairy floss bags in a range of colours are an absolute winner here as well as some lollipops for the children to lick. Avoid jelly bean favours for this age as the last thing you want to have to worry about is potential choking hazards.

If you’re still looking for more girls 1st birthday party ideas and inspiration then check out our dedicated page here.